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The Entrepreneurial MBA courses are organized in a hybrid format, combining online and in-class sessions.

Companies are increasingly placing an emphasis on the entrepreneurial talents of their managers. Though entrepreneurship was traditionally considered an area where professionals aim to start up their own firm, companies value the intrapreneurial abilities of their key employees who are able, especially in tough or uncertain economic times, to use limited resources in order to develop new sources of revenue.

New partnership with Washburn University, Kansas, USA

We are proud to announce the development of a new partnership with Washburn University, a premier school in Kansas, USA.

ASEBUSS and Washburn University will collaborate together within the Entrepreneurial MBA Program, offering to the new enrolled students the opportunity to take advantage of a valuable international component.

Our Entrepreneurial MBA was designed by our faculty team taking into account the priorities and needs of professionals who want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, to embrace change, take action, be resourceful and love challenges.

There are 4 main reasons to choose our Entrepreneurial MBA Program:

  • gaining a better understanding of business
  • networking with alumni and colleagues
  • mentorship and guidance from our professors
  • building your confidence

4 reasons to choose our Entrepreneurial MBA

Gain a better understanding of business

Many participants have a lot of practical experience, but lack knowledge in finance, operations, marketing or international business.

Access a dynamic network of alumni and classmates

You will join a class of managers and business owners with very different professional backgrounds. Whether you are struggling with launching a product, investment decisions, or motivating your team you will have colleagues with expertise only few seats away.

Mentorship and guidance from our professors

Participants have access to experienced practitioners, both our professors as well as speakers invited during classes, industry leaders or entrepreneurs who act as advisors on your business projects.

Build your confidence

You will be in an environment surrounded by talented and accomplished classmates who will motivate you to elevate your performance and operate at a higher level. Also, the MBA curriculum, with lots of case studies and hands-on projects, with access to experienced professors and business guests, will build your skills and nurture your confidence.

ASEBUSS represents the bridge between the management concepts and their applicability in business. ASEBUSS MBA brought an incredible transformation for me, every day I apply something in all business areas that I can have an influence: sales, marketing, operations, strategy and even financial issues.

Ioana Florea
SaaS Sales Program Manager, Oracle Romania
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The MBA program helped my business partner and I decide what is the best solution for our company’s investment: bank loan or foreign capital. At the moment, I am following my passion for solar energy, but within a bigger company, where I can fully put to use the knowledge I gained during the MBA program.

Alexandru Suciu
Project Manager, Enevo Group

My colleagues were experienced managers, motivated and willing to share ideas. Working in smaller study groups was a major advantage.

Cristian Darmanescu

There’s a lot of discussion about entrepreneurship lately, internationally and in Romania. Entrepreneurship can be practiced in any context, from a new idea that solves a need on the market, to your current job or even at home. The good news is that entrepreneurship is a skill and it can be trained, at any age or stage in your life. In our MBA, so much energy was created that, in my class two colleagues launched their own start-ups, while a few others plan to do the same in parallel with maintaining their job.

Ruxandra Vasile
IT Director, Bank of Cyprus

At ASEBUSS I had the chance to study in an interactive environment with successful people who shared their little secrets of their achievements. Theory was acquired through practice here and the focus on developing our knowledge and intuition as well as our innovative spirit. Recently I moved into banking industry and in my new role I can contribute to the mission and vision of our company, as well as share the best practices in the banking sector.

Elsa Caragia
Business Analyst Libra Bank

This MBA represented to me a trampoline to success, more personally than professionally.

The MBA was a very important source of information, which I really needed. It helped me to organize my activities, it gave me confidence that I can and know how to do entrepreneurship. I am not just referring to the course materials – you can find anything nowadays, very easily, on the internet – but, especially, about the interactions we had with our professors and classmates, which contributed significantly to the improvement of the learning experience.

Katia Dănilă
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I was impressed by my students desire to learn more and their specific examples of how the ideas discussed in the class can be implemented in their companies. I strongly believe some of the final papers would bring a lot of business value within the respective organizations.

Prof. Simona Podgoreanu
Human Resources Management

For sure any learning experience is elevating your own knowledge, personal and professional. My first challenge was to extract myself from the daily routine in running the company and to allocate my own time resources for this project. No matter your life experience, when you interact with a didactical approach you can structure all knowledge in a total professional way.
Lessons learned during this MBA helped me to see my company development in a different perspective, more efficient and more oriented for the future. Going globally is one important target for local managers and the inputs received during the course will help my organization, WECO Travel, to strength his role as the biggest player in CEE.

Florin Țâncu
General Director WECO Travel

In a world of accelerated change, complexity, and uncertainty, people need to focus on innovation and on identifying new opportunities, and to take risks to pursue opportunities. This entrepreneurial mindset is crucial in both launching and growing new business, and in entrepreneurship (innovation and creation of new business ventures within corporations).
In our MBA program, we aim to provide students – entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and managers eager to improve their intrapreneurially competence, with valuable tools to help them mitigate risk and increase the probabilities of success. Case studies, simulations, class discussions and team work are some of the experiences that augment their entrepreneurial wisdom.

Prof. Dr. Lavinia Rasca
Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, ASEBUSS

ASEBUSS Experience

With ASEBUSS consistently strong reputation as one of the TOP programs on the Romanian market, your EMBA will be widely recognized and valued within the national and international business community. The program has the national accreditation and the degree is internationally recognized.

Reinvent yourself. Reinvent your business

During the last years, companies have come to appreciate the entrepreneurial mindset, the initiative and the ability to use available resources in order to implement successful projects.
Transformation is an accelerated, magnified force of change. Redefining and reinventing is a way of harnessing that wild force and applying it to your product, your service, your industry, or your career. By joining our MBA you will be in charge of redefining and reinventing you and your business – that is seizing the opportunity to rewrite your own story yourself.

Hands-on learning, real case studies

We don’t just bring information or business concepts to you. You test what you learn in team or individual projects, you ask questions and challenge the status quo, you apply the new findings in classroom or outside, in your company. Our professors engage participants in project-based learning objectives. This includes special projects, case studies, oral presentations and online simulations. Our focus is around innovative “thinking and doing” that will improve your decision-making skills and the ability to make the right choice. By looking at case studies of businesses that have failed, you will be better prepared to avoid making similar mistakes.

Turn your ideas into action

You have ideas, energy and passion and feel you can have a bigger impact within your company or in developing your current business. Knowing how to get your project or company up and running will make the difference. Our MBA focuses on general management skills, business planning, strategy and innovation, selecting and motivating a team, getting financing for your venture or coordinating complex projects or units within larger companies. Being confident about your business knowledge and skills will allow you to take the risks that are an inherent part of an entrepreneurial approach.

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