Individual Consulting Project

At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to develop your own strategic consulting project. Whether you are interested in launching a start-up or a new business as part of an established company, this final project is intended to offer you full guidance and support from our faculty.

You might choose a business case for launching a new product or service, local or regional expansion, strategic acquisitions, financial strategy for your corporate sponsor or your company, or you can choose to write a business plan.
If your objective is to start your own company, this is a great context to develop and explore your business idea while having the support from your professor.

Several of the business plans presented as an individual paper (dissertation) upon program completion became real start-ups.

Learn how to run and grow your own department, team or business both through a solid theoretical concept as well as practical experience.

The MBA program helped my business partner and I decide what is the best solution for our company’s investment: bank loan or foreign capital. At the moment, I am following my passion for solar energy, but within a bigger company, where I can fully put to use the knowledge I gained during the MBA program.

Alexandru Suciu
Project Manager, Enevo Group

My colleagues were experienced managers, motivated and willing to share ideas. Working in smaller study groups was a major advantage.

Cristian Darmanescu

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