ROI for Alumni

ASEBUSS Executive MBA Program is a strategic investment in your personal and professional future. The return on this investment has long-lasting impact while you will gain a competitive edge.

Graduates of the Executive MBA Program:

  • Become more effective leaders
  • Learn to make better, more insightful business decisions
  • Immediately apply new business models and share their knowledge with colleagues and staff
  • Use their organizations as a laboratory for group projects, which often result in valuable applications
  • Explore business practices from other companies across a range of industries and geographical areas
  • Develop a network of business connections

ROI for Employers

Building a pipeline of strong future leaders is a top priority for many corporate executives. ASEBUSS can help you fill it. Most employers recognize the importance of developing a pipeline of strong future leaders; however, developing the skills and knowledge often requires more intensive training than you can provide on the job.

At ASEBUSS, your high-potential employees can pursue one of the highest-ranked MBA degrees in Romania while continuing to contribute to your company’s success on the job.

At first sight you may ask yourself why an entrepreneur would ever need an Executive MBA program. After all, there are so many successful business owners which don’t have an MBA. However, if you want to achieve a long term vision for your business and you want to have competitive management principles at the core of your success, then the need for this type of education becomes apparent. For me it was a real gain and I get the return on investment in my daily business operations. Likewise, our company needed a motivated and performance oriented top management team. For us ASEBUSS was the right choice to recognize the performance of one of our managers and for sure he consolidated his business knowledge upon completing the same Executive MBA program.

Dragos Petrescu
Founder and President Trotter Prim
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I have managed to achieve my initial goal. Together with my team, we managed to take Romanian Software to the next level. We have registered an increase in both revenue and total number of employees.

Victor Dragomirescu
CEO of Romanian Software
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ASEBUSS represents the bridge between the management concepts and their applicability in business. ASEBUSS MBA brought an incredible transformation for me, every day I apply something in all business areas that I can have an influence: sales, marketing, operations, strategy and even financial issues.

Ioana Florea
SaaS Sales Program Manager, Oracle Romania
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Immediate ROI to meet corporate goals

Many organizations find they gain these immediate benefits of the MBA education

Direct application to business challenges

The relevant, rigorous curriculum brings actionable learning straight to your workplace. Participants often solve work challenges in the classroom through the insight they gain from faculty and peers.

Deeper leadership skills

Participants develop their leadership skills through a continuous cycle of learning, practicing, receiving feedback and reflecting.

Graduate Management Admission Council Research Results

Based on the GMAC survey of corporate sponsors, it takes 17 months (on average) for a company to gain its return on the investment made. This is according to HR respondents who worked for companies that reimburse or sponsor employees in EMBA programs and measure return on investment.

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