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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA courses are offered in a hybrid format, combining online class sessions with in-class sessions organized at our location.

You are about to start an intense journey of personal and professional development and be part of our community of more than 1.500 alumni.

We strive to offer you a unique learning experience, with focus on your leadership potential, global exposure and working in international teams, support and coaching for reaching your goals.

Whether you are interested in developing your career in your current company or industry, advancing to an executive position in a different or more dynamic industry, applying for an international position or you are a self-starter who wants to go beyond your limits and make an impact in the world, you are ready for our Executive MBA Program!

The Executive MBA program is organized by ASEBUSS in partnership with the prestigious Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Ranked as #9 among Executive MBA programs in the US, according to CEO Magazine, and #28 worldwide. Ranked #7th in the world for alumni satisfaction by Financial Times. This recognition from prestigious economic publications confirms GSU’s reputation- a university focused on global education, innovation, partnerships and executive level programs in different regions of the world.

ASEBUSS is a school member of AACSB – the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business- who provides international accreditation and connects educators around the world with a common goal: to create the next generation of leaders.  Our institution is also a long standing member of the Executive MBA Council, the academic association of Executive MBA industry worldwide, being the only school in Romania part of this prestigious association.

4 reasons to choose our Executive MBA

Management Vision

Discover the impact of your decisions in different departments in your company

Team Management

Learn how to manage different personalities and styles, including international colleagues, in order to reach a common goal.

Efficient Decision Making

Analyze almost 100 case studies, real-life situations in different industries and approach situations within your company with more confidence

International Reach

Be part of an international team of executives from Kennesaw State University. Gain a global understanding of trends and opportunities shaping the world today.

As the first school organizing a Romanian-American Executive MBA in Romania, we strive to constantly improve our participants’ learning experience. If you are looking for a hands-on approach, an updated curriculum, a faculty team with practical experience and class participants with relevant managerial experience, we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Prof. Ovidiu Dimbean-Creta
PhD., Rector, The Institute for Business Administration in Bucharest Romania

This type of collaboration has a long history at Georgia State and the Robinson College of Business. 

Robinson College of Business reaffirms its commitment to supporting international partners in their ongoing efforts to build more prosperous, stable, and resilient economies.

Richard Phillips
Dean Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

ASEBUSS Experience

With ASEBUSS consistently strong reputation as one of the TOP programs on Romanian market, your EMBA will be widely recognized and valued within the national and international business community. The program has the national accreditation and the degree is internationally recognized.

World Class knowledge, convenient schedule

Our EMBA program offers a convenient schedule for experienced business managers or business owners working to earn an advanced degree. Classes are held once a week, on alternating Fridays and Saturdays. All participants have access to our on-line platform support with course materials, presentations, articles or team projects. The program includes two residency sessions outside Bucharest and an International residency in Atlanta. An Orientation Weekend takes place on our location at the beginning of each year.

Applicable courses

The program begins by providing you with a solid and broad general management knowledge base. In the second year, you enhance your international management perspective as well as your entrepreneurial skills. The whole program integrates perspectives and best practices worldwide, with almost 100 case studies featuring companies from US, Western Europe as well as countries from Eastern Europe, including case studies from Romania. Teaching focuses both on strengthening areas that you have not yet had an opportunity to develop as well as creating an overall management view and strategy framework.

Executive Learning

Learning in our EMBA is an unique learning experience. Because our participants bring a great deal of experience into the program, teaching is designed to maximise knowledge sharing, with debates-driven lessons engaging you in stimulating discussions with professors and colleagues. Teaching methods include case studies, simulations, real-life individual and team projects, as well as lectures. Executive guest speakers from major or entrepreneurial companies are invited in class to share their experience.

Find out more about ASEBUSS highly applicable, highly ranked Executive MBA program, for managers and entrepreneurs with at least 3 years of managerial experience. Learn more about the program, meet some of the professors and alumni No participation fee, however advance registration is required.

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