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Earning an MBA is a critical decision which will impact all aspects of your life, both professionaly and personally.


Bogdan Tudor, CEO Startech

Vlad Bratasanu, Digital Brick

Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council


Marius Ciuperca, General Manager SETRO

Aurel Gaita

Find out from several of our alumni why and how they chose our Executive MBA or Entrepreneurial MBA programs.

At first sight you may ask yourself why an entrepreneur would ever need an Executive MBA program. After all, there are so many successful business owners which don’t have an MBA. However, if you want to achieve a long term vision for your business and you want to have competitive management principles at the core of your success, then the need for this type of education becomes apparent. For me it was a real gain and I get the return on investment in my daily business operations. Likewise, our company needed a motivated and performance oriented top management team. For us ASEBUSS was the right choice to recognize the performance of one of our managers and for sure he consolidated his business knowledge upon completing the same Executive MBA program.

Dragos Petrescu
Founder and President Trotter Prim
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ASEBUSS is the most complete program I could enroll in while, at the same time, staying in Romania and continuing my career. It is a program that benefits from a complex syllabus, based on real economic situations, with experienced professors. It is also important that it addresses people who are already focused on their path of professional development, which creates the premises for the homogeneity of the group of participants.

Daniel Boaje
Managing Director Premier Restaurants Romania (McDonald’s)
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I found out from several alumni that the Executive MBA program is of the highest quality, with great emphasis on practical applications, debates and case studies, all study materials in English. It was convincing and came at the right moment in my life.

Emil Bituleanu
Chairman of the Board of Directors at LIBRA BANK
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The EMBA taught me to be confident and to take decisions. The team of faculty’ professionalism, the quality of courses and teaching materials represented a permanent incentive for maintaining the high standards of the program. We always acquired answers which were adequate to reality and we were determined to think global and act local.

Dan Bulucea
New Business Sales Director, APAC, Google
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ASEBUSS was the business school I felt I could trust the most, with its almost 25 years of experience, the partnership with one of the biggest universities in the USA and, let’s not forget to mention, the impressive number of graduates that hold top management positions in Romania’s biggest companies or are successful entrepreneurs.

Florin Joacăbine
General Manager of Astal Security Technologies
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I have managed to achieve my initial goal. Together with my team, we managed to take Romanian Software to the next level. We have registered an increase in both revenue and total number of employees.

Victor Dragomirescu
CEO of Romanian Software
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During my career I had the opportunity to work in all departments in big companies in FMCG. Every time I could, I tried to help my subordinates with advice based on my own experience. However, I never neglected the academic training. I graduated ASEBUSS in 2000 and I chose to enroll only when I had relevant managerial experience. I recommend this approach, as you will debate almost 100 case studies and it’s important to have prior practical experience when giving a specific solution.

Florin Rădulescu
Managing Director of Iberia Refreshments (Pepsi-Cola Bottler in Georgia)
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Enrolling in this EMBA program was something that I wished to do, not something that I had to, the reason being that I wanted to know more about business in general, and not just sales – the field in which I work at this moment. Besides achieving my goal, this EMBA also gave me the necessary courage to start my own business. I started thinking about creating my own start up when I was attending the EMBA’s courses; it all started from an analysis.

Liviu Voicu
Sales Manager Gettica OOH
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I have already recommended this program, and now two of my colleagues are students in the first year. And I will continue to recommend this EMBA to any manager who, after some years of experience, wants to take a (complete) look over the business environment. The EMBA can help you learn how to excel at your current job or it can be a promotion opportunity for your own company, it can help you extend your own business, even globally, or it can help you establish a new one. And, let’s not forget, I recommend this EMBA to anyone who wants to expand their own personal knowledge network.

Victoria Igna
National Sales Manager ASTRAZENECA
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We started a new business based on our final paper, the dissertation at the end of the Executive MBA transformed into an online store! You will, for sure, acquire the skills and knowledge required to take advantage of any opportunity. The two years we spent at this EMBA helped us very much, and we do not just refer to the courses we had, but – especially – to the program’s timely pace, the mandatory planning and organizing and the habit of asking yourself questions and then finding solutions.

Adina & Ștefan Lukacs
Librăria de vinuri
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ASEBUSS was a reality-check for me because I was working in the banking industry at the time and, while banks are connected with the economy they are still different than many other businesses. At school, I was experiencing the real life because I had colleagues who were asking questions about situations in their companies.After working for ABN/RBS there were tough times for banking industry, therefore in 2013 I took over a new role at Carpatica Bank in order to reposition it and search for a strategic investor. I have an intrapreneurial approach, so I still have the opportunity to apply what I learned in the program.

Cosmin Bucur
CEO MoneyCorp Romania
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For sure any learning experience is elevating your own knowledge, personal and professional. My first challenge was to extract myself from the daily routine in running the company and to allocate my own time resources for this project. No matter your life experience, when you interact with a didactical approach you can structure all knowledge in a total professional way.
Lessons learned during this MBA helped me to see my company development in a different perspective, more efficient and more oriented for the future. Going globally is one important target for local managers and the inputs received during the course will help my organization, WECO Travel, to strength his role as the biggest player in CEE.

Florin Țâncu
General Director WECO Travel

This MBA represented to me a trampoline to success, more personally than professionally.

The MBA was a very important source of information, which I really needed. It helped me to organize my activities, it gave me confidence that I can and know how to do entrepreneurship. I am not just referring to the course materials – you can find anything nowadays, very easily, on the internet – but, especially, about the interactions we had with our professors and classmates, which contributed significantly to the improvement of the learning experience.

Katia Dănilă
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My colleagues were experienced managers, motivated and willing to share ideas. Working in smaller study groups was a major advantage.

Cristian Darmanescu

The MBA program helped my business partner and I decide what is the best solution for our company’s investment: bank loan or foreign capital. At the moment, I am following my passion for solar energy, but within a bigger company, where I can fully put to use the knowledge I gained during the MBA program.

Alexandru Suciu
Project Manager, Enevo Group

ASEBUSS represents the bridge between the management concepts and their applicability in business. ASEBUSS MBA brought an incredible transformation for me, every day I apply something in all business areas that I can have an influence: sales, marketing, operations, strategy and even financial issues.

Ioana Florea
SaaS Sales Program Manager, Oracle Romania
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At ASEBUSS I had the chance to study in an interactive environment with successful people who shared their little secrets of their achievements. Theory was acquired through practice here and the focus on developing our knowledge and intuition as well as our innovative spirit. Recently I moved into banking industry and in my new role I can contribute to the mission and vision of our company, as well as share the best practices in the banking sector.

Elsa Caragia
Business Analyst Libra Bank

There’s a lot of discussion about entrepreneurship lately, internationally and in Romania. Entrepreneurship can be practiced in any context, from a new idea that solves a need on the market, to your current job or even at home. The good news is that entrepreneurship is a skill and it can be trained, at any age or stage in your life. In our MBA, so much energy was created that, in my class two colleagues launched their own start-ups, while a few others plan to do the same in parallel with maintaining their job.

Ruxandra Vasile
IT Director, Bank of Cyprus

I chose the ASSEBUS program mainly for the possibility of doing quality networking, but also for finding more about cost efficiency, which are important aspects for any company, regardless of its size and activity field. And it has been proven that I made the right choice.

Marius Ciuperca
General Manager Setrio
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