Eligibility Criteria

We look forward to reviewing your application. Below you will find all the steps in the application process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Bachelor’s degree
from an accredited university

Work experience
of at least 2 years

Good knowledge
of the English language

Application Process

We adjusted the application process due to the coronavirus situation. Therefore registration documents will be sent by email and interview will be organized online for early-booking session.

Application File

Please prepare the following documents, scan and email to us at mba@asebuss.ro. For any questions contact us at 0722 368 602.

In addition to the above standard documents, send us a copy of your university diploma and transcript of grades (scan and send it by email)

A passport size color photo is required before you start the program.

The evaluation fee is 300 lei and can be paid by bank transfer after you submit your documents by email and we confirm receiving it.


Participants’ selection takes into account each applicant potential, managerial experience and career objectives. Your motivation to pursue an Entrepreneurial MBA, your background and professional experience will be considered during the interview.

The interview is a 20 minute discussion based on the following ideas:

  • Managerial or entrepreneurial experience
  • Potential contribution to our program
  • Willingness to commit time and energy
  • Diversity of class profile
  • English language proficiency

Interviews with one of our professors will be scheduled online beginning with April on Skype or Zoom.

Admission sessions

  • Early-booking Session
    until July 1
  • Regular Session
    until November 5

Financial Information

The Entrepreneurial MBA program is a significant investment in your future. Whether you are receiving sponsorship that covers all or most of your tuition fees, or you are financing your education independently.

We designed the Entrepreneurial MBA program as a comprehensive experience, therefore the program fee covers all the expenses. Once you start the program, you do not worry about additional charges.

The tuition fee covers the following, as well as other additional items required in the educational process:

  • Course materials, including case studies, articles, handouts
  • Business Simulations
  • Access to online course materials platform
  • Harvard Business School cases and materials
  • Orientation Weekend
  • Coffee breaks & light catering on class days
  • Coaching and support for your individual project
  • Graduation Ceremony & other functions organized during the program

Program tuition fee is 10.500 euro and can be paid in several installments. Tuition fee for e-MBA is 20% lower and can be paid as well in several installments.

Starting with October 2018, special loans dedicated to studies can be accessed from CEC Bank.

Eligible candidates can apply for these loans in order to finance their studies, including the MBA degree, at educational institutions that are nationally accredited, such as our business school: The Institute for Business Administration in Bucharest (ASEBUSS).

One advantage of the loans is that the interest will be supported by the state budget and the years of study will represent the grace period. You can find more information here.

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