Katia Dănilă

Katia Dănilă

Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial MBA Alumni 2015

This MBA represented to me a trampoline to success, more personally than professionally.

The MBA was a very important source of information, which I really needed. It helped me to organize my activities, it gave me confidence that I can and know how to do entrepreneurship. I am not just referring to the course materials – you can find anything nowadays, very easily, on the internet – but, especially, about the interactions we had with our professors and classmates, which contributed significantly to the improvement of the learning experience.

In my class, not all students are entrepreneurs and, among those who are not, probably not all of them will aspire to become one. However, they will for sure acquire the entrepreneurial mindset, the initiative and the new skills that the companies they work for will expect from them. Among those who aspire to be entrepreneurs, some of them already have companies with some years of experience, which they want to improve. I think the benefits are different, but equally important.

Intuition is absolutely necessary, of course, but equally important are discipline, organizational skills and the ability to gather more information about the (multiple) domains in which the entrepreneur must have knowledge: from Accounting to Human Resources, from Operation Management to Organizational Culture.

This MBA taught me not only that I have all the necessary power to become an entrepreneur, but also how to do it exactly.
It adds value to one’s life – if they chose to make this step – both professionally and personally, because management is required in every aspect of one’s life. Of course, formally speaking, an MBA diploma will always be a big plus in one’s resume, but the real advantages are the assimilated information, the received advice and, also, the friendships made among the students.

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