ASEBUSS Business School celebrates 30 years of activity in Romania this year, and on the occasion of this important milestone in our journey we will organize on October 10 a special and inspirational anniversary event for the business community: Legacy of Learning: The MBA Journey Across Generations. 


Legacy of Learning: The MBA Journey Across Generations

10  Octombrie 2023

Sala Mitiță Constantinescu, Banca Națională a României


9:30 – 10:00
Primirea și înregistrarea participanților
10:00 – 10:15Cuvânt de deschidereValentin Lazea

Banca Națională a României

10:15 – 10:30Bilanțul primilor 30 ani de activitate ai ASEBUSS în România. Trecut, prezent și viitor 

Ovidiu Dîmbean-Creța




10:30 – 11:15 Panel I: Rolul școlilor de afaceri în modernizarea și creșterea economică a României


o   Antonia Colibășanu, Analist Senior, Geopolitical Futures

o   Valentin Lazea, Economist-șef, Banca Națională a României

o   Radu Crăciun, Profesor Macroeconomie, ASEBUSS, Director General al BCR Pensii şi Preşedinte al Asociaţiei pentru Pensiile Administrate Privat (APAPR)

o   Ovidiu Dîmbean-Creța, Rector, ASEBUSS

o   Adelina Mihai, Consultant
11:15– 11:30Pauză de cafea
11:30- 12:15Panel II: MBA-ul în familie. Ce îi motivează pe ”moștenitori” să urmeze traseul educațional al părinților


o   Cristina Man, Director General, Valoris Center
o   Alexandra Fus, Romania Delivery Manager, Conectys
o   Bogdanka Milițescu, ex-Director General, Personal Genetics
o   Alexandru Milițescu, Senior Project Manager, Ludan Engineering
o   Aurelian Trifa, Portfolio Manager, Evergent Investments

o   Horațiu Trifa, Business Transformation Sr. Project Manager, Honeywell

o   Bianca Ioan, Director de Marketing, ASEBUSS
12:15 – 12:55Panel III: Puterea parteneriatelor internaționale



o   Michael Stoica, Profesor Marketing, Washburn University (SUA)

o   Cristian Stelea, Managing Director, Stelytics LLC (SUA)


o   Ovidiu Dîmbean-Creța, Rector, ASEBUSS


12:55 – 13:00Concluzii
13:00 – 13:30 Prânz & Networking

Special video messages from our international partners and collaborators:

Tim Mescon

Judith van Walsum

Ken Harmon

ASEBUSS Business School was established at the initiative of the American Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1993, within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (ASE), as the first Executive MBA program in Central and Eastern Europe, with teaching in English language. Between 1995 and 2009, the business school was organized by the ASEBUSS Foundation, receiving in 1998 the academic authorization to organize EMBA programs.

Starting in 2009, the ASEBUSS Business School was and is organized by the Institute of Business Administration in Bucharest, established by Law no. 252/2009, as a post-graduate higher education institution – school of post-graduate academic studies, legal entity under private law and of public utility, part of the national education system.

ASEBUSS Business School organizes Executive MBA/MBA professional master programs in Romania. We operate as a niche institution, having the longest and continuous presence in this field of management education in Romania. From this position, we produce value recognized by the market, respectively by the business environment, having a significant contribution through the education of Romanian managers.

Thus, in the 30 years of activity, ASEBUSS has educated over 1500 graduates for top management in companies, banks, insurance companies and private pensions, the capital market, etc.

One of our missions, complementary to the focus on the quality and professionalism of the graduates, is the development of the community, the development of a network of professionals who can work both together and separately and can bring added value, both at the micro and macro level, for the Romanian economy.

In the context presented, on the occasion of the anniversary of 30 years of activity, ASEBUSS organizes the event “Legacy of Learning: The MBA Journey Across Generations“, on October 10, 2023, at the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania. See the event registration.

Education is the most precious legacy that can be left to posterity, and the world of management education programs is no exception to this rule. Starting from this idea, we are proud to have with us both recognized teachers and professionals from the economic environment, as well as generations of graduates from the same family, who followed the program in different years.

Participation to event- by invitation only.