Graduation Ceremony- October 25

ASEBUSS Business School will graduate the 2 most recent cohorts of successful professionals from the Executive MBA Program and the  Entrepreneurial MBA Programs on October 25. The top-ranked Executive MBA Program provides a world-class curriculum and emphasizes career and leadership development. Participants travelled to Atlanta U.S. to attend the International Residency Week in June 2023. The Executive MBA students entered with an average of more than 12 years of significant work experience, and work for a diverse set of multinational companies and local employers.

Graduates of the Entrepreneurial MBA Program are professionals who aimed to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, whether they are business owners or managers coordinating intrapreneurial business projects within companies. Both series will celebrate together on October 25 during the Graduation Ceremony organized at Capital Plaza Hotel, an event that will bring together alumni, Romanian and American professors and family members.