ASEBUSS students and recent graduates, collaborators and supporters are welcome to join us for an interactive discussion about ways to make our lives better while going through times of unprecedented change. The discussion will be followed by a networking event organized at Pescarus Restaurant.

Speakers: Lavinia Rasca, Simona Podgoreanu, Violeta Ciurel

Guest Speaker: Dragos Petrescu, President City Grill, Executive MBA Alumni

Moderator: Ionut Bonoiu, Forbes, Executive MBA Alumni

To thrive and succeed in times of unprecedented change leaders focus on developing an entrepreneurial mindset which allows organizations and their teams to tackle big challenges, seize opportunities, encourage initiative and innovation in order to improve people’s lives.

Lavinia will talk about why an entrepreneurial approach is even more desired and can be developed – both at company and individual level-as the changes around us are bigger and we have to deal with a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work™ – 2021 An important shift in required skills for succeeding at work – the 2 most important skills in organizations are

  • Decision making
  • Innovation

More companies will embrace the fluidity of the hybrid work environment and seek out ways to make the best out of each opportunity as it emerges. This requires flexibility and an ability to adapt to new circumstances, as well as involving employees more in creating our company vision and support the performance.

Violeta will share her international experience in leading multicultural teams and leadership tips for enhancing team collaboration and communication in a remote or hybrid environment.

Leadership will focus on development of several key areas for success.

  • Adaptability and Agility
  • Embracing a learning/growth mindset
  • Encourage innovation
  • New skills for leaders nowadays. Culture, mindset and attitude changes

Positive team climate is the most important driver of psychological safety and most likely to occur when leaders demonstrate supportive, consultative behaviors, then begin to challenge their teams.

While the benefits of psychological safety are well established, a new survey by McKinsey after pandemic suggests how leaders, by developing specific skills, can create a safer and higher-performance work environment that encourages innovation.

Simona will let you find out more about ways to inspire trust and facilitate change in organizations.


Join us for a mix of ideas sharing and networking.

Participation to event- By invitation only