At ASEBUSS you will be surrounded and inspired by a community of leaders. The combination of experienced participants, professors with practical experience, guest speakers from the business community and enthusiastic alumni guarantee a rich and diverse learning experience.

Throughout the latest years our professors’ team was consolidated and refreshed with several practitioners who joined the ASEBUSS Business  School.

Join us on June 23rd and get to know two of them: Alexandru Craciun and Bogdan Tudor! Both will bring their own managerial and entrepreneurial perspective, a solid interest for providing the latest information, frameworks and examples as well as a passion for learning that makes our students’ experience enjoyable and oriented toward immediate application in their companies.

Getting to know our professors will come together with some useful concepts and examples that are part of Operations Management and Digital Transformation courses, including/such as:

– How are your operations sustaining your business strategy and what are the 5 KPIs for any operations system;

– How are processes designed and how can be improved to be more efficient

– How can the case studies enhance and inspire solutions for your business

New professors in our team which lead to a significant curriculum refresh, together with a new Mentoring Program and a #1 American university partner for the Executive MBA, or a premier American university are contributing to a memorable learning experience in our Executive MBA and Entrepreneurial MBA programs!

The event will take place on June 23rd, starting at 18.30. Participants can join us either at our location in Bd. Expozitiei 1B, or online on Zoom. Reservations for the classroom will be made on the first come, first-served basis.

To reserve a place, give us an email at where you mention whether you want to take part in the event physically or virtually.