ASEBUSS students and recent graduates, collaborators and supporters are welcome to join us for an interactive discussion about ways to better engage resources and navigate  through times of unprecedented change. The discussion will be followed by a networking event.

Guests: Marius Stefan, Daniel Mischie, Bogdan Tudor

Moderator: Ionut Bonoiu, Forbes, Executive MBA Alumni

  • The pandemic and the technological revolution are fundamentally changing today’s business world.
  • Organizations that rethink, reshape and reinvent themselves will be best placed for the future.
  • Trends include learning from real-time data and integrating the physical and virtual worlds.

“This past year, business models have been reinvented. Supply chains have been restructured. Promises of new scientific breakthroughs have been suddenly realized. Productivity, we now know, can thrive virtually.”

To thrive and succeed in times of unprecedented change leaders focus on developing an entrepreneurial mindset which allows organizations and their teams to tackle big challenges, seize opportunities, encourage initiative and innovation in order to improve people’s lives.

Join us for a mix of ideas sharing and networking. Location: Pescarus Restaurant

Participation to event- By invitation only