We are pleased to announce our next Alumni Event which will take place on November 20, starting 18.30.

Prof. Radu Craciun and his guest Antonia Colibasanu will share their knowledge about geopolitics and its influence on changes around the world.

Antonia Colibasanu is an experienced geopolitical analyst with experience in competitive intelligence and strategic business analysis. She joined the Geopolitical Futures team in 2016, after working for more than 10 years in the Stratfor global review firm, in various roles, including Partner for Europe and VP International Marketing. Antonia Colibasanu works closely with international authors such as George Friedman and Robert D. Kaplan. She is a trainer on geopolitics in the European Business Program at the European Institute of Romania and associate professor at the Academy of Economic Studies.

Radu Craciun is CEO at BCR Pensions Funds, while previously worked as Chief Economist at BCR. Since 2016 he is VicePresident of Romanian Independent Directors Association and founding member of the association. He recently graduated the International Directors Programme, with a certificate in  Corporate Governance.

Radu Craciun is Professor of Macroeconomics at ASEBUSS, where he teaches Macroeconomics  in both Executive MBA and Entrepreneurial MBA Programs. Radu is also presenting on various financial and macroeconomics topis at IMD Lausanne, Wirstchaftsuniversitat Wien, ASE Bucharest, Kennesaw State University, Atlanta.


18.30-19.00                                    Networking.Building Connections

19.00-20.30                                    World reconfiguration is on going.

                                                             Who are the winners?


The event will be moderated Prof. Ovidiu Dimbean -Dean ASEBUSS. Ovidiu Dimbean attended  business management courses at Harvard Business School and finance specialization at Wharton. He is a practitioner with a rich experience of more than 20 years in the financial area, during which he was part of the top management of multinational or Romanian companies such as Eli Lilly, Arctic (Arcelik), Topway Industry, Flanco, InfoPress, Lowe and Partners.Since 2011 Ovidiu Dimbean is Dean of ASEBUSS School of Business, top business school with an international partner Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, located in the top 25 schools in North America.

More about presentation theme

The complexity of the world we live in does not cease to grow and has four main variables: the geopolitics, the economy, the demography and the technology. Under these circumstances, for entrepreneurs and managers, regardless of level, it is becoming increasingly difficult to anticipate the evolutions they will face in order to properly manage risk. Faced with this challenge, decision-makers have no other choice than to keep up-to-date with developments in the four areas, to devote more time to reflection on global developments and to have as their essential objective to increase the flexibility of companies they are driving.


The event addresses top and middle management executives from organizations, regardless of industry, who want to keep abreast of developments in the four areas: geopolitics, economy, demography and technology, to devote more time to reflection on of global developments and to have as an essential objective to increase the flexibility of the companies they lead.

Financial Contribution

ASEBUSS Alumni                                                                              40 euro

ASEBUSS Students and ASEBUSS Alumni Members         25 euro

Participants outside the ASEBUSS network                          60 euro

The location of the event will be announced later to all those who sign up or are interested in participating.

For registration please contact Bianca Ioan: bianca@asebuss.ro0722 368 602