In October we welcomed a new class of experienced managers and entrepreneurs as they began their journey with us on the Romanian-American Executive MBA 2018 Program.

The managerial experience of the cohort is vast – almost 10 years is the average amount of work experience- while various backgrounds include CFO in the pharma industry, COO in IT industry, Head of HR in electronics industry, Production Manager in agribusiness, Commercial Director in health industry, Branch Director in banking, Technical Coordinator in real-estate, as well as several CEOs and Executive Directors in energy, IT, agribusiness, advertising, travel and FMCG.

Average age is 36 years old, similar with the previous ASEBUSS generations. As usual, most of the class participants are returning to formal education after several years of gaining experience in business, and all will be studying alongside with a very demanding career. One key benefit of our EMBA program is the opportunity to take learning from case studies, examples, guest speakers and professors back to work from day one.

The Executive MBA 2018 Program started with the residency sessions where students had classes in leadership, strategy, marketing, coaching with American professors from Kennesaw State University, our partner university in Atlanta, USA. Prior to starting the residency sessions, both first and second years students were welcomed by Prof. Marcel Duhaneanu and Prof. Ovidiu Dimbean, as well as several alumni, including Bogdan Tudor- CEO StarTech, Mihai Sfintescu- Managing Director Abilito Capital, Simona Titica, Community Officer Next Gen Club, Aurelian Trifa-Investment Director Kerten, Victor Dragomirescu- CEO Romanian Software, Yugo Neumorni- President CIO Council, Virginia Otel- President Professional Women Network Romania, in a social event organized outside classroom.

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back on their next weekend on campus, and see them develop great relationships and friendship throughout the 16 month journey. Upon graduation, almost 30 participants will become part of the largest network of EMBA alumni in Romania, with more than 1400 ASEBUSS graduates.