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Most executives struggle with decisions that depend as much on their leadership abilities as on their skills as strategic thinkers, as they guide teams comprising people from diverse backgrounds and work mostly for-profit companies, but in some cases for ONGs or public institutions.
Join us for our first event this year that will bring together CEOs of companies working in different industries. Find out how they operate, think strategically or innovate in various markets, both in B2B and B2C industries.

Business education as game-changer
Insights from Executive MBA Alumni


Daniel Boaje, CEO Mc Donald’s
Andreea Pipernea, CEO NN Pensii
Emil Bituleanu, CEO Libra Internet Bank
Adrian Stanciu, GM Emerson-Technik


18.30-20.00 Panel discussions. Moderator: Ovidiu Dimbean

Whether you work in services, retails, medical field, telecom, IT, banking, production, or any other sort of business enterprise, whether you are a manager, entrepreneur or consultant, business education will ultimately develop a different mindset to approach challenges you will face in your company. Companies today demand good collaborative thinkers who cooperate to solve problems. Furthermore, companies demand specialized knowledge useful to particular professions. Companies demand leaders who can powerfully articulate ideas, to motivate and guide their people.

The event is addressed to managers, entrepreneurs, liberal professions, ONG executive directors with relevant professional experience. Please email your participation interest at