Almost 6 months passed since our quick switch to online classes in March. Several courses were changed in format and adjusted in content by our professors so as to better fit the online delivery.

Our 8th cohort of the Entrepreneurial MBA program had presented their dissertation papers late June and successfully graduated this year.

Our 26 cohort of Executive MBA Program had also the opportunity to present their final papers  mid-July and be evaluated by our professors.

Congratulations to all our 2020 alumni! We will certainly keep in touch for following months as more information awaits about fall plans.


The enrolment for 2020 EMBA and MBA programs was scheduled online with admission files submitted by emails and interviews on Zoom or Skype. Our future students had several occasions to meet us and participate in our online open (free) classes:

May 12- Smart Finance. Reshaping Supply Chain

June 11- Hard Landing in Digital Era

June 30 – Brand Strategy

July 16 – Everything you want to know about our 2020 EMBA Programs with an in class panel of guests

Our Alumni Association provided several occasions for our alumni to meet and participate in various events. Many thanks to our inspirational speakers: Sotiris Chatzidakis, Daniel Boaje, Radu Georgescu, Sorin Drugan (the Navigator:)), Oana Ciornei.

We are just 2 months away from the start of a new year which, in some ways, will be different than the traditional experience, with a combination of in class and online courses. We are committed to doing all that we can to keep our students safe while providing them both the learning experience and social interactions that define our school.

As we begin the new academic year, remember that both you and us are what it takes to make ASEBUSS a special school. And while the circumstances of returning to school are not as usual this year, everyone at ASEBUSS remains dedicated to providing the best educational experience we can, while working hard to keep everyone safe.