ASEBUSS celebrates 25 years since the launch of the first Romanian-American Executive MBA program in Romania, organized in partnership with top universities from the USA – University of Washington, Seattle (1993-2003) and Kennesaw State University, Atlanta (2003- present).

Over 1300 graduates are the school’s business card and together they form the largest alumni community in Romania, a community that brings together top managers, middle managers and entrepreneurs – professionals that made a name for themselves in both our country and abroad.

Currently, the Executive MBA program is organized in partnership with Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, SUA, a successful collaboration between two business schools with a similar approach that puts emphasis on applicability and development of thinking and leadership decisions with global impact. Kennesaw State University is constantly ranked among the top business schools in North America, in 2017 being ranked first in Georgia and 9th worldwide in CEO Magazine’s Global Executive MBA rankings.

Ken Harmon, Interim President: “We enjoy the long-term relationship we have with ASEBUSS, a relationship based on the same vision of education. The students and the graduates of both business schools have common projects in which they are involved and, very importantly, they have managed to build true friendships over time”

Marcel Duhaneanu, Rector ASEBUSS: “We are proud of our long term partnership with one of the most distinguished universities in the USA providing the Executive MBA program. Our program addresses to those participants who want to become competitive managers in a global economy, that are open to an integrated approach of the managerial education with a great impact on the business environment”

The international component is the main feature that differentiates the Executive MBA program from the others, and offers Romanian and American executives the unique opportunity to work in mixed teams and make decisions in a global business simulation with concrete results in identifying best management practices that each of them can then successfully implement in their own company.

ASEBUSS is the first business school born in Romania, and it quickly established itself as a market leader in the managerial education field. The team is made up of both Romanian teachers – which attended special training programs at Harvard Business School, Wharton, Stanford, Kellogg Northwestern, MIT or IESE – and American teachers from Kennesaw State University.

Regarding the participants’ profile, every student has a relevant management background, with an average of 7-8 year in leadership positions for the Executive MBA program and 4-5 year for the Entrepreneurial one; we have also registered an increase in the number of female participants which have enrolled in both our programs (35-45% from the total number of our students).

According to our statistics, 45% of graduates have top and middle management positions, 35% are entrepreneurs, and 20% are involved in consulting projects.

The ASEBUSS Executive MBA program has consistently held first place in the TOP MBA rankings (Ziarul Financiar) regarding the applicability of the courses, the international component, the teachers’ experience and networking.

Five years ago, ASEBUSS launched a second program called Entrepreneurial MBA, the only one addressed to managers concerned with the entrepreneurial approach, as well as those with their own company.

Both programs: The Executive MBA and the Entrepreneurial MBA start in October 2018. Those applying in the early-booking session by May 14 will benefit from a special discount.

If you are interested in ASEBUSS programs, we invite you to open house courses organized in March-June. You can learn more about programs and the opportunity to attend courses at