Distinguished Professors, Dear Colleagues and Guests,

I’m honored by the invitation to speak in front of you today as an alumni representative of 2023 Entrepreneurial MBA Class.

It is an important moment when we are celebrating the end of a journey that started 2 years ago, during the pandemic, when this group of ambitious individuals decided that even there were uncertain times, we should never stop learning, develop ourselves and follow our dreams.

We’ve come from different fields sales, production, audit, management having important positions and solid careers. But all of us we were motivated to be our own bosses, to have freedom in deciding how to attain the goals, what strategy to choose, and how to grow the business and drive innovation in our companies. These were the motivator factors that lead us to take the opportunity of an Entrepreneurial MBA program and transform it into a venture.

In the current business environment, so dynamic and with many opportunities, we’ve learned here that it is very important to understand the client’s needs, to respect the promise of value made, and to act with great agility to keep up with their needs. So, my dear colleagues let’s continue to look after the “the job to be done”.

These are valuable things that our professors teach us, because we were trained by skilled teachers, with deep and meaningful real-world experience engaging us in lively discussions and debates with eager students and emerging leaders.

Thank you, dear professors, for your wisdom and guidance and most important, for letting all of us share our ideas, experiences, and stories.
Let’s give them a round of applause!
For you my colleagues out there, you know the business principles, you need the right people in the right position at the right time to be successful in your venture. This was the Entrepreneurial MBA Class of 2023 a small group of individuals that achieved great things by working together, supporting each other, dealing with uncertainty and being comfortable to be themselves.
My dear colleagues, your personalities, experiences, and commitment made the MBA journey to be a successful one.
Congratulation to all of you!

I’ve decided to have the Entrepreneurial MBA program after 20 years of professional experience when I thought I knew almost everything about business processes in an organization. But the practical cases from the program developed my entrepreneurial mindset and helped me to evaluate business opportunities and transform them into successful projects.
During this program, I had the chance to put in practice in the company where I’m working the acquired knowledge, from strategy until implementation of a digital transformation program, and the results confirmed that I had chosen the right education school.
For me it was important also the international component of this program, the joint project with Washburn University – CAPSIM simulation – that gave me the opportunity to interact with multicultural teams in which we’ve aligned decisions and global business practices, preparing us for a multinational business environment.
I also really appreciated the 1:1 mentoring program in which I received useful and practical advice, which helped me to find my balance in certain difficult moments.
Thank you to my mentors Oana Nastase Bleckenwegner and Mihai Coca-Cozma!
A great plus of this program were the events for interaction with professors, fellow students, and graduates, coming from different fields and building a valuable and strong professional ASEBUSS community.
In the past 30 years, ASEBUSS Business School had a significant impact on development of business leaders in Romania and we are proud that now we are part of this community that can shape the future of our country economy.
Happy birthday ASEBUSS for your 30 years anniversary!
I will end my speech with 3 take aways from Entrepreneurship course that transformed this MBA journey into a Self-Mastery Program:
1) First: Start with a WHY? – find meaning and purpose in whatever you do;
2) Second: Don’t be afraid of uncertainty – have the right mindset and aim for new competencies, knowledge, and skills;
3) And third: Know yourselves and be yourselves – because you are the most important persons in your lives.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear professors, and colleagues, ASEBUSS alumni of 2023, it was a pleasure to know you, work alongside with you and represent you, so congratulations to us all! Let’s give us a round of applause!