ASEBUSS Business School

ASEBUSS Business School is the destination choice for applicability, development of managerial and soft skills, networking and exposure to global best practices. The American perspective is reflected in the educational process through an integrated approach of managerial development and real business solutions based on the case study method. A valuable team of Romanian professors, trained at international standards, in the United States and Western Europe, as well as the American professors, contribute to the program success and a unique international dimension. ASEBUSS is a school member of AACSB – the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business who connects educators around the world with a common goal: to create the next generation of leaders.  Our institution is also a long standing member of the Executive MBA Council, the academic association of Executive MBA industry worldwide, being the only school in Romania part of this prestigious association.

During its 25 years of activity, ASEBUSS is proud to graduate almost 1500 alumni who represent a strong and dynamic community of business people and highly appreciated leaders, 90% of them working in Romania in multinationals in various industries or running their own business.

In 2011, a new division was set up: Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) – a platform for collaboration and communication between the business community and our school.

Our American Partnerships

We are the only business school in Romania that organizes 2 valuable MBA programs:

  • the long-standing flagship Executive MBA program in partnership with Kennesaw State University, Atlanta – a leader in innovative and learning, the 3rd largest university in Georgia state
  • the Entrepreneurial MBA Program focused on developing an entrepreneurial, growth oriented mindset, in partnership with Washburn University, USA. 

Kennesaw State University – Atlanta, Georgia is a comprehensive university recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit, global engagement and sense of community. As Georgia’s third-largest university and one of the fifty largest public universities in the country, Kennesaw State offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees, including an increasing number of doctoral programs. Kennesaw State is committed to becoming a world-class academic institution positioned to broaden its academic and research missions and expand its scope on a local, national and global level. For more than 50 years, Kennesaw State University has been known for its entrepreneurial spirit and sense of community. 

Kennesaw State University, Atlanta is accredited by the highest international organization – The Association of Advanced Collegiate Business Schools (AACSB) – USA, and since 2007 it has become member of The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

Washburn University is a premier public Midwest regional teaching institution recognized as a community leader in providing a superior student-centeredteaching-focusedlearning experience, preparing graduates for success in their chosen profession and stimulating economic vitality. Amm undergraduated and graduate programs, includin the MBA, organized by the School of Business are AACSB accredited.

ASEBUSS Advisory Board Members

Radu Florescu – CEO, Centrade-Cheil (President)

Dragoș Petrescu – President, City Grill Group

Henk Paardekooper – CEO, First Bank

Valeriu Ionescu – Managing Partner, Valeriu Ionescu & Associații

Virginia Oțel – Communication Leader, GarantiBank Romania

Radu Craciun, General Manager BCR Pensii

Ionut Simion, Country Managing Partner PwC Romania

Sorana Baciu, Independent Consultant

Anca Harasim, Executive Director AmCham

Victor Cionga – Managing Partner AZ Capital Advisors

Short History

The Institute for Business Administration in Bucharest (ASEBUSS) was founded in 1993 through a program financed by USAID – The United States Agency for International Development.

Since 1993, The Romanian-American School of Business, part of the Institute, has been organizing the Executive MBA Program (Executive MBA) – the only American Executive MBA on the Romanian market – in partnership with prestigious US universities. Between 1993-2003 the Executive MBA program was offered in cooperation with University of Washington, Seattle. Beginning with 1995, ASEBUSS is self-financed through the Romanian-American Postgraduate School of Business Foundation- ASEBUSS.

Starting with 2003, ASEBUSS has developed a new international partnership with Kennesaw State University (KSU), Atlanta -Georgia. Kennesaw State University is one of TOP 50 US universities, their Executive MBA program being ranked as one of the leading programs in the United States by Business Week, Success Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report. KSU has the AACSB international accreditation and offers an Executive MBA program ranked as #1 in Georgia and #7 in North America (CEO Magazine, April 2018).

Since 2009, ASEBUSS is an independent private institution, set up by law as the Institute for Business Administration in Bucharest and is authorized and accredited by ARACIS to organize academic programs according to the school’s mission.


The Institute for Business Administration curriculum and delivery model are designed to provide Business Education Programs which meet the standards set by leading business schools. Shaped by innovative and continuously improved teaching methodology, our programs encourage teamwork and collaboration among accomplished managers from a wide variety of organizations acting primarily in Romania. We target managers with high potential, dynamic, highly motivated, flexible and open to knowledge and new experiences, willing to improve their leadership skills.

Committed to continuous improvement, The Institute for Business Administration fosters a learning experience that connects theory with practice, promotes critical thinking, ethical decision making, and action orientation. Participants learn to manage across cultural, linguistic, technological and geographical boundaries by working within national and international teams of executives to comply with a variety of assignments and projects.

We select, retain and develop a talented pool of faculty and staff who produce high quality applied and results oriented disciplines taught in an integrative way in our business programs. The production of practice, pedagogical and discipline based research is a permanent commitment for each member of our learning community of faculty, students and staff.

We create a class of competitive leaders able to do business with peers from all over the world, who are equipped with the mindset, skills and understanding required in an increasingly dynamic global business environment.

25 years

It was the beginning of 1992 when an enthusiastic group of professors from Bucharest successfully launched the first Romanian-American Executive MBA program in Romania, in partnership with a prestigious American university.

A team of professors was carefully selected and trained at Harvard Business School, with USAID support, in order to set-up The Romanian-American Business School- ASEBUSS, a unique business school in Central and Eastern Europe.

The team of professors had a vision to build the first and most successful business school in Romania, anticipating the development needs, as well as the enthusiasm of local managers and entrepreneurs. At that time, business professionals were eager to find out more about business concepts, theory, instruments and examples that will help them better prepare for management positions in multinational companies or for starting their own business.

And they wanted to learn from the best.

Our first Executive MBA series, 1993-1995

25 years later, ASEBUSS has the largest and most dynamic alumni community – 1400+ alumni – and continues to be in TOP Business Schools in the country, which offers 2 accredited programs: the Romanian-American Executive MBA and the Entrepreneurial MBA.

ASEBUSS Milestones

  • 1992

    Romanian professors were trained at Harvard Business School, in special management programs dedicated to faculty teaching in Executive MBA programs

  • 1993

    Each professor specialized in his area of management in courses at Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton

    Launched the first Executive MBA Program in partnership with University of Washington, Seattle, USA

  • 1995

    First group of alumni Executive MBA in Romania

  • 1996

    Residency sessions organized with American professors

  • 1997

    ASEBUSS became the first private business school accredited to offer the Romanian-American Executive MBA Program

  • 2000

    ASEBUSS obtained the re-accreditation as Institutul de Administrare Publica si a Afacerilor din Romania

  • 2003

    Executive MBA Program is offered in partnership with Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, SUA

  • 2004

    First series of Executive MBA students went on the International Residency in Atlanta

  • 2005

    First 10 year Reunion since Executive MBA graduation

  • 2009

    Reaccreditation and set-up by law as The Institute for Business Administration in Bucharest

  • 2011

    Launched Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

  • 2013

    Launched the Entrepreneurial MBA Program, one of TOP 20 programs in Central and Eastern Europe

  • 2015

    First 20 year Reunion since the Executive MBA graduation

  • 2016

    Received the International Community Award from Kennesaw State University for our 15 year partnership

  • 2018

    Celebrating 25 years of activity


CIBER was established in October 2011 and is supported by our partner Kennesaw State University.

CIBER represents a platform for collaboration and communication between ASEBUSS School of Business and the international business community through a series of activities involving students, ASEBUSS alumni and faculty, and business representatives from multinationals, Romanian companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, etc.

On an ongoing basis, CIBER will organize various events, conferences, seminars, workshops, study trips, exchange programs for its constituents and coordinate consultancy and research projects.


Develop and deliver programs and other activities that promote global education and awareness of current trends and best practices impacting business performance.

Lead research and consultancy projects on business issues

Engage in various other activities with the business and education communities in Eastern Europe that promote economic sustainability and growth.

Our Partners

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