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Participant's Profile

●  Exceptional managers, entrepreneurs or key employees for their companies who provide tremendous value to their customers and that are willing to make a major change in their lives and careers. They come from a wide range of industries and business experiences.

●  Fast-rising, internationally experienced professionals who aspire to lead. Smart, motivated achievers. A powerful group in the mood to learn, in which each member benefits from others.

●  The diversity of the group ensures a unique learning environment, enriching every moment spent in class with new ideas and  business knowledge from colleagues and professors.

●  Participants build valuable relationships for their company and their career, and also friendships that last for a lifetime.

EMBA 2011-2013 Industry

EMBA Class Profile 2011-2013

Average Age - 35 years

Average work experience - 11 years

Average management experience - 7 years

Female: 46%

Male: 53%

Average Age

Functional manager:  has vast experience in at least one functional area; this manager wants to develop a more general base of management skills and knowledge, in order to advance to an executive position.

General manager: has 10 years of business experience on average, he runs a company or a business unit and wants a better understanding of modern management tools, in order to implement innovative business strategies, improve the processes and even to change the industry or to obtain a regional executive position .

Entrepreneur: action-oriented and driven by a desire to take his company to the next level, the entrepreneur is looking for advanced management techniques and new ideas for a sustainable development of the company.

Medical doctor, lawyer and other key professional within the organization – willing to know everything about the business environment and also to learn how to bring value added for the company, by applying the knowledge gained during classes.