Radu Crăciun

Radu Crăciun

Associate Professor


Macroeconomics, financial markets, organizational development, corporate governance


Radu graduated initially with a MSc. in Aerospace Engineering, followed after a while by a MSc. in Organisational Development (U. of Hertfordshire, UK), an EMBA with ASEBUSS and U. of Washington, and a Certificate in Corporate Governance from INSEAD (France). 

Radu has worked for 6 years in the aerospace industry to move later in strategic management consulting. During the past more than 20 years Radu has worked in different capacities in financial services as either an equity analyst, Chief-Economist or Chief Investment Officer. Currently Radu is the CEO of BCR Pensii, while having Board positions in the Romanian Association of Independent Directors as well as in the Romanian Association of Private Pensions Managers.

During his career Radu had the opportunity to deliver presentations as a guest speaker to the students of IMD Lausanne, Kenesaw University, Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien as well as a number of local universities. Radu has a blog www.raducraciun.ro on which he writes on economic and geopolitical matters.

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