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International Dimension

We believe that the international perspective is one of the most important features that our program has. We bring this to the classroom, starting with the participation of our American professors, in collaboration with the American students that add their input as part of the mixed teams that are formed as part of the International Program. Among the key features we also count the usage of case-studies that cover world-wide companies and the participation at the International Residence Week in Atlanta during the second year.

Long-term partnership. Kennesaw State University and ASEBUSS share a common vision of international focus in our collaboration. Founded in 1963, Kennesaw State University (KSU) is the third-largest university in Georgia with more than 22,500 undergraduate and graduate students representing 142 countries. KSU is fully supporting our activities at all levels: student interaction, faculty exchange programs and staff connections.

One- week International Residency in Atlanta. All Romanian participants travel to Atlanta where they are involved in various activities, including company visits, city tour, lectures on Kennesaw campus as well as team presentations.

International case-studies. Our approach is practical, provides you with immediate value, and is suited for experienced managers or professionals. Throughout the program, we challenge you to solve real problems faced by real managers in multinational or small companies from the USA, Western Europe, China, as well as Romania. Business cases are carefully selected by each professor in order to facilitate discussions and encourage debates and examples related to specific business concepts, concluding with a discussion on the implications for your own organization.