The format unfolding of class and debating sessions have impressed upon me a way of working that is compulsory for a successful manager: that in which... Citeste mai mult

Alexandru Niculescu - EMBA 2008
UPC Romania

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Applied leadership

At ASEBUSS, we focus on ideas. You'll be involved in generating, analyzing, comparing and refining ideas. With your colleagues and professors. Making the idea better. And applicable to your business. Why? Because there are no clear answers or simple rules to rely on in complex business situations.

You'll be a successful leader throughout your career because you'll have learned how to:
Examine every idea. Whether presented by a classmate or a professor. You'll express your support, your dissent, your suggestions. Professors welcome all questions, there is no such thing as wrong one.
Evaluate problems and opportunities. Through the lenses of finance, economics, marketing, international management, and HR. With a diversity of analytical tools and methods, you'll see things in new ways.
Handle uncertainty. You'll learn to feel comfortable when there is no formula to guide you. No road to follow. You'll lead the way with your ability to think critically and act decisively.

The ASEBUSS experience will take you deeper into an issue, broaden your perspective and force you to question assumptions - including your own. Instead of accepting the status quo, you'll pursue the best thinking. You'll develop the skills to successfully take on any business challenge and the opportunities they generate. The ASEBUSS experience will give you the confidence to perform in situations where there are no set guidelines - and that is what distinguishes a leader.

Monica Botocan

Human Resources Leader, Merck Romania

The management view acquired during the ASEBUSS EMBA program gives you a competitive advantage that no other local education form can offer. Teaming with both Romanian American students gave us the opportunity to create a network of professionals, consultants and friends on the long term. A very important element was the Atlanta experience, which gave us a global perspective on business practice and demonstrated that we are able to get across the communication borders and to successfully solve the most difficult problems. The EMBA taught us to be confident and to take decisions. The team of faculty’ professionalism, the quality of courses and teaching materials represented a permanent incentive for maintaining the high standards of the program. We always acquired answers which were adequate to reality and we were determined to think global and act local.

Cornel Oprisan

Retail Manager, IKEA Romania

Immediately after I graduated in 2004 I was offered the great opportunity to start IKEA operations in Romania as a franchise. As we had to start from ground zero I had the occasion to apply a lot of the things studied during the EMBA program, from recruiting, company culture, organizational behavior to leadership, marketing and strategic management or statistical models. I remember two years before the opening when everything was in the planning phase I was participating to a presentation in Sweden. I was advised it was going to be a difficult technical presentation dealing with ordering systems. In the first 2 minutes I realized they used Economic Order Quantity model. When the Swedish partners asked me at the end of the meeting if I believe I would be able to understand at least partially what they just had presented I told them everything I knew about the statistical model. It was a total surprise.

Carmen Manea

Director General, Omnicom

EMBA was a turning point for me with regard to understanding a business and the people working in a company. By going to each of the courses and meeting wonderful people (my professors and colleagues) I completely changed my life paradigm, not only in business but also personally, this was the start of my new thinking as a manager. Ever since everything I did in business was based on the knowledge acquired in the program then consolidated or validated by my professional experience throughout the years. Structured and pragmatic thinking as well as having and sharing a vision were the most important things I learned in the ASEBUSS “incubator”.

Dragos Petrescu

CEO, Trotter Prim

The Executive MBA program at ASEBUSS enhanced and structured the American business values and best practices, filtered through my entrepreneurial approach. It was a real gain and I get the return on investment in my daily business operations. Likewise, our company needs a motivated and performance oriented top management team. For us ASEBUSS was the right choice to recognize the performance of one of our managers and be sure he will consolidate his business knowledge.