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Alexandru Niculescu - EMBA 2008
UPC Romania

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Program Description


Program Content

The Advanced Leadership Program is offered in a modular format throughout 7 month period.

The modules will include:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership

Program has a total of 8 modules:

  • 5 modules delivered by EADA and 
  • 3 modules delivered by ASEBUSS.

INTERNATIONAL MODULE EADA Collbató (Barcelona) Residential Week

Our international focus allows us to guarantee integral management training which is complemented by the International Week.

During this international visit that will include the last module of the program the participants will be also fully involved in the business model of Barcelona, a thriving European city and will have the opportunity to discover a new focus of business and establish new and interesting professional relationships.

We will have talks and speeches, company visits and interviews with management teams where the participant will be able to exchange ideas with other professionals, enriching their practical experience and knowledge of different business strategies from diverse cultural viewpoints.

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