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Dragos Petrescu - EMBA 2005
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Aimed at: Professionals with minimum 5 years experience in management.

Duration: 8 modules – 16 hours per module (128 hours)

Language: English

Faculty: 5 modules taught by EADA professors + 3 modules taught by ASEBUSS professors

Location: First 7 modules held in Bucharest (ASEBUSS Institute of Business Administration)

Last residential module held in Barcelona (EADA’s Residential Training Centre Collbato)

Schedule: Starting in February 2013 (TBD) along 7 months


MODULE 1: Strategic Management


In today´s world, managers are expected to understand the trends shaping the business environment and the strategies that have to adopt in order to deal with the challenges within an increasingly competitive and dynamic market. In such an environment, organizations need to constantly renew themselves. Managers need to become change agents contributing with their experience and competencies to decisions about the future strategies of their organizations and taking the responsibility for their implementation.


I. The concept of strategy and management

II. Strategy and Business models

III. Strategic analysis

IV. Cost and differentiation strategy

Faculty: Lluis  torras (EADA)


MODULE 2: Coaching for Leadership & Motivation


Self- knowledge is indispensable to successfully initiate a management development process. Today's business world requires managers able to motivate and retain key people. So the main goal of this module is to lay the foundations for their personal and professional development during the programme and we will also analyse the fundamentals of effective leadership, the way managers can influence behaviour, stimulate growth and boost motivation.


I. Introduction subject, presentations and expectations agreement.

II. Learning and development: the learning cycle and learning styles.

III. Self- assessment: competency profile.

IV. Theory of team roles applied to stable work groups. The Fundamentals of team work,

Faculty: Carles Brugarolas (EADA)


MODULE 3: Creating and leading a culture of financial reporting



I. The art of financial reporting

II. The financial statements reveals the most

III. Applied financial intelligence

IV. What the numbers are really telling you

Faculty: Adrian Manaicu (ASEBUSS)


MODULE 4: Marketing Strategy for profitable growth


Strategic Marketing provides the managerial focus for interfacing with customers and the source of intelligence about customers, competitors, and the general environment. This module develops the elements that underpin the strategic decisions of a marketing plan to be competitive in the market by adding value and differentiation.


I. What's strategic marketing: definition and main concepts

II. Competitive Advantage. Translating competitive advantage into relevant and differentiated value propositions.

III. Product and Brand Portfolio Management.

IV. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.

V. Strategic decisions, differentiation and sustaining competitive advantage

Faculty: Antony Poole (EADA)


MODULE 5: Financial challenges in leading the firm



I. Working with capital markets and financial institutions

II. Make sound financial forecasts

III. Restructuring and strategically employing valuation

IV. Practicing corporate valuation – simulation

Faculty: Dalina Dumitrescu (ASEBUSS)


MODULE 6: Conflict Management and Negotiation


Management effectiveness is all about the capacity to influence other people's behaviour, in order to achieve superior results. At the heart of whatever influence effort is the capacity to communicate and negotiate effectively in order to build trust and strengthen relationships. Managers are surrounded by negotiation situations in every aspect of their daily work activities. Superiors, subordinates, colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, all placing demands and defending their interests. In this module participants are given tools and techniques to strengthen their negotiation skills and become more effective bargainers, more productive managers and create deals with lasting value for all parties involved.


I.  Effective communication by leaders. Empathic-assertive communication

II. Communication and conflict management. Conflict resolution styles

III. Mediation and leadership

IV. Negotiation principles.

Faculty: Jeroen Van zoggel (EADA)


MODULE 7: Align Processes to Drive Breakthrough Results


The course aims to develop the process management competencies in the context of a wide variety of operations. We will assess and recommend leading-edge technologies, processes and operations strategies to support timely and quality decisión making and to manage the organization’s operations and resources. Through the process mapping, analysis and redesign with the customer in mind, the executives can succeed to foster their organization’s capability of delivering operational excellence while securing customer satisfaction. 


I. Process mapping and analysis

II. Process redesign with the customer in mind

III. Timely and quality decision making and implementation

IV. Deliver operational excellence

Faculty: Carmen Mincu (ASEBUSS)


MODULE 8: Leadership Development for an Innovative Company 


The fundamental ability for successful managers is to develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes. That means the ability to stay open to learning and therefore to be able to apply that knowledge in order to become an effective transformational leader, capable to foster alignments across the organization, gain commitment for performance and refine and build strong executive persona. 


I. Understanding transformational versus transactional leadership

II. Creating and articulating a compelling vision

III. Catalyzing change

IV. Developing a leadership and talent strategy aligned with business strategy

Faculty: Jordi Assens (EADA)

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